Tarsus, according to legend, was founded upon the Great Hill Thera, upon which the twin gods of war-Arke and Korth-fought. The two fought to win their sister, Xera, to be their wife. After critically wounding Korth, Xera chose Arke to be her husband and bore him a son: Hyros. Hyros built a city upon Hill Thera, and married a mortal wife, Tarse, after whom the city of Tarsus takes its name.

Tarsus was ruled by a number of kings from the legendary bloodline of Hyros for many years. Then one day a child was born to the current king, and the Oracle predicted that the child would slay his father and rule an even greater Tarsus than he. The king ordered his own child destroyed to stay the prophecy. But the queen loved her child more dear than her husband and hid him away. Many years later that very child grew to adulthood and became a charismatic leader of the very people with whom Tarsus had long struggled against. The Delphian army, led by the unwitting prince, captured the city and slew his own father. Only then did the Oracle reveal to him who he truly was, and he became the first War Commander of Tarsus, not merely a king and a son of gods, but the embodiment of the spirit and heart of Arke’s military wisdom and tradition.

The Temple of Arke was built in the first year of his reign, and he spread sweeping reforms throughout the city combining the might of Tarsus and the Delphian tribes and solidifying a military power that would rival all others throughout Hellas.


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